Andrew M. Stroth

Andrew M. Stroth

Founder, Truth Hope and Justice Initiative 

Andrew M. Stroth created the Truth, Hope and Justice Initiative in 2016 to share stories of families affected by police violence to advance social justice and racial equity in America.

After spending 20 years as a sports and entertainment agent, Andrew M. Stroth launched a social justice law firm to represent victims of unjustified police shootings, excessive force and police misconduct. Action Injury Law Group has a team that investigates shootings and excessive force cases, traveling to the scene to preserve evidence and obtain video and eyewitness statements.

Stroth has taught as an adjunct professor in the negotiations program at Northwestern University‘s Pritzker School of Law and serves on the Northwestern Law Board. As a sports agent, he represented professional athletes including Dwyane Wade, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick.